Carrie Honaker/ Freelance Writer/ Florida

“For people who really love it, food is a lens through which to view the world. For us, the way that people cook and eat, how they set their tables, and the utensils that they use all tell a story.”

Ruth Reichl

Carrie Honaker writes about food, drink, travel, and culture for Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveler, Wine Enthusiast, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, Plate, Southern Living, and many more. In her local community, she contributes regularly to 30A.com, covering the burgeoning restaurant and bar scene. She writes for magazines like Beach Happy, Emerald Coast, and Flamingo about all the quirky stuff happening in the Sunshine State.

As a former pastry chef with a background working in and owning restaurants, Carrie provides insight into products and practices for the home cook for the publications above, as well as Spruce Eats, and Simply Recipes. She also believes strongly in empowering people to cook at home with reliable recipes and equipment accessible for any income. Carrie leverages her extensive network of hospitality professionals to provide trusted choices in all of her commerce and culture writing.

She is dedicated to ethical tourism and seeks out travel celebrating indigenous cultures while leaving as little footprint as possible. Carrie’s specialty is finding those off-the-beaten path experiences and locations, especially when it involves food. She also advocates for locally-sourcing ingredients in home and restaurant kitchens, while looking for zero-waste options.

Carrie is an avid reader, curious researcher and home cooking addict. She loves review the latest book, interview that celebrity chef and share her kitchen secrets.

As shelters closed during the pandemic, Carrie fostered kittens. She foster-failed with her last three. Florence, Fitz, and Cash show up on her social media feeds helping with writing articles, research, and the occasional interview.

Carrie Honaker's adopted cat Florence
Carrie Honaker's adopted cat Fitz